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  featured on The Martha Stewart Show, October 22, 2003! Very often an artist has a statement to make. Through my corn art I want to whisper 'We can feed the World!' I was lucky. I was born on fertile soil with beautiful grains, fruits and vegetables all around me. Nature thrives on balance. Unfortunately economics is the out of balance reason for world hunger. Until compassion and economics come into balance with one another, we will see hunger and greed thrive on this fragile little world. Please wear this jewelry as a symbol that we can Feed the World! - Heidi Scott, Corn Woman The Spirit of Mother Corn, with the power of Mother Earth, touches the Woman. The Touch means... The Promise of Fruitfulness to the Woman and Her People - Hopi Wind Legend  
Corn Woman - Expressing the Visual, Performing and Healing Arts

Realizing the incredible beauty of Native corn, Heidi designs slightly primitive, natural, "one of a kind" jewelry. Every color in the earth is also in corn. Corn is a spiritual connection to many of the Earth's peoples. Corn is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and abundance. "Come with me to celebrate corn!"


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